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Office Assistant – keeping the office ticking

The Front of House role shares many close similarities with that of a Receptionist.  Much like a corporate Receptionist, the Front of House position is of the utmost importance for every organisation that utilises a Front of House team. Read more here…...

New PA/EA Jobs – 28th November 2022

Are you looking for a Personal Assistant or Executive Assistant job in London? Whether you are an experienced PA/EA, looking to move industries or searching for a graduate Personal Assistant role, get in touch with our recruitment consultants to begin your job search....

New PA/EA Jobs – 23rd November 2022

Are you looking for a Personal Assistant or Executive Assistant job in London? Whether you are an experienced PA/EA, looking to move industries or searching for a graduate Personal Assistant role, get in touch with our recruitment consultants to begin your job search....

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What it takes to be a Travelling PA

A Travelling PA needs to be intelligent, adaptable, full of energy and really willing. They will usually work for a HNWI or family that has more than one international property and who travels a lot for business. You will not live with your boss permanently but you need to have your suitcase packed and be ready to travel at a moment’s notice. This job suits someone who can be completely flexible and raring to go. Not only that, but you will need to be extremely capable and quick thinking.  Our clients often look for a Travelling PA who has a university degree and is fluent in two or more languages.

It can be a demanding but really exciting job that offers a fantastic opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. You get to visit wonderful places and learn from impressive individuals. This type of Personal Assistant job can act as a springboard into a high level EA to CEO level role. Not to mention there will be private jets and yachts – all in all a very glamorous job!

What does a Travelling PA do?

Travelling PA roles vary a lot between clients. For some it will involve moving around between the UK and your boss’s international properties, either living with them or in a nearby hotel. This type of job will involve daily admin, such as going through post and emails, diary management, processing and paying invoices and making reservations for travel and restaurants.

On top of that there could be errands to run, events to plan and personal appointments to make. You are likely to be liaising with lots of people and spinning lots of plates; talking to everyone from bank managers to lawyers, agents, publicists or stylists. If you are working for an actor or other celebrity you may be tasked with reading scripts, sending contracts and dealing with press requests.

There is likely to be a large element of property management in this type of Travelling PA job too. This is because your employer might have a large property portfolio and it will fall on their Personal Assistant to ensure they’re run smoothly. This can require visiting the properties and keeping up-to-date with general repairs, paying bills, organising maintenance, ordering furniture and managing household staff. So you will be expected to have experience working with budgets and finance, as well as an understanding of what it takes to keep a household running smoothly and efficiently.  Equally, your employer might have private jets and yachts that also need managing.

Then there is another type of Travelling PA job that we recruit for, which is more about travelling abroad with your boss on business. It is a more corporate focussed role that will see you visiting different countries, staying in hotels. You might be required to take minutes when attending business meetings with your boss, to act as an ambassador when they are unavailable, to take responsibility for project management, to research and prepare documents  plus putting together briefing documents and presentations. Outside of that, you will be responsible for coming up with ideas for how to impress and entertain clients – knowing which are the hottest restaurants or shows to book or sending gifts to their family members, for example.

Skills & Qualifications 

As a Travelling PA you will need to have pizazz, be well-connected and be highly emotionally intelligent. You are going to be working very closely with an individual and sometimes staying in their homes so knowing how to behave in different situations and read a room is key.

Our clients tend to look for candidates who have experience as a Private PA for individuals or family offices. You will need to be confident and capable – able to work autonomously but also take direction.

A Travelling PA will need to know how to manage daily household administrative tasks. On top of that they will look after business matters, and need to know how to work with and oversee other staff members. You must have outstanding writing and communication skills as you will be drafting the likes of letters, emails and formal business documents.

Independent leadership and impeccable organisational skills are vital. Outstanding personal presentation and gravitas is also essential for the role. Not to mention being trustworthy, discreet and charming. A Travelling PA is the gatekeeper to their employer and they will need to be completely unflappable and entirely flexible.

Whatever the task, Travelling PAs need to be able to manage large projects, family business affairs and company assets with complete and utter confidence.


The Salary for a Travelling PA will range from £40,000  – £100,000++

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