How a Recruitment Agency Can Help You Find a PA Job

Completing school, university, or an apprenticeship marks an exciting milestone, opening up a world of career possibilities for your future. However, even before reaching your final days, it can feel like you are suddenly faced with the daunting task of finding your first job. Whether you’re embarking on your first career step, or simply looking for a new role, a recruitment agency can be an invaluable ally in navigating the PA job market. Here's how they can help and why choosing the right agency for you …. matters and makes a real difference to your job search.

The Benefits of Using an Experienced and Approachable Recruitment Agency to Find your First Job

1. Direction and Clarity

Starting your career often comes with uncertainty about which path to take. A recruitment agency provides direction and clarity, assessing your skills, interests, and qualifications to suggest roles that align with your career objectives. 

2. Reducing Pressure with Temporary Roles

A significant advantage of using a recruitment agency is the opportunity to take on temporary positions. These "try before you buy" roles allow you to gain practical experience in different companies and fields without long-term commitment. For instance, an aspiring Executive Assistant (EA), Personal Assistant (PA) or Receptionist could start by exploring various admin-based roles across diverse industries, figuring out their preference for working in corporate or creative environments, considering factors such as company size, culture and opportunity.

3. Strategic Career Planning

A recruitment agency doesn’t just help you find a job; they assist in career planning. Consultants work with you to outline short-term and long-term career goals, mapping out potential pathways to achieve them. This approach helps you to understand how each role fits into your broader career objectives, ensuring that your first job is a stepping stone towards your desired future. For example, an individual might aspire to become an Executive Assistant (EA) or Personal Assistant (PA) due to the enticing perks such as attractive salary. However, securing an EA/PA role without experience can be challenging. In such cases, a consultant might put the candidate forward for an entry-level team assistant position as a foundational step towards their career aspirations.

4. Gaining Entry-Level Experience

Securing your first role often requires overcoming the ‘experience paradox’ – needing experience to get a job but needing a job to gain experience. Recruitment agencies have relationships with a wide range of employers looking for entry level talent. Starting with entry-level roles, such as a reception temp or admin assistant, can be a simple and effective way to get your foot in the door.
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The Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency When You Already Have a Job

1. Building on Existing Relationships

If you previously worked with a recruitment agency to secure your current job, leveraging that existing relationship can be incredibly beneficial as the consultants are already familiar with your skills, preferences, and career goals. Additionally, if you left a strong impression on the consultants when you first registered, the recruitment agency is likely to firmly advocate for you in your job search.

2. In-Depth Consultation

A good recruitment consultant will take the time to listen carefully and understand your current situation and career aspirations in detail. They will put you under the microscope, uncovering whether what you are looking for truly aligns with your long-term goals and lifestyle. It is a two-way conversation: they will challenge your assumptions, offer insights, and help clarify your vision, ensuring that the opportunities they present are genuinely suited to you. For example, one Executive Assistant (EA) or Personal Assistant (PA) might thrive in an environment where their superior communicates in a direct manner, while another might excel under a supervisor who adopts a more nuanced approach to communication.

3. Time-Saving

Balancing a job search with your current employment can be overwhelming, especially an EA/PA role that demands outside of hours work. If your boss is unaware you are looking for other opportunities it can be tricky to attend interviews. A recruitment agency saves you valuable time by handling much of the legwork. They identify suitable opportunities, submit applications on your behalf and arrange interviews, allowing you to focus on your current job and personal responsibilities without compromising your search for a new role.

4. Enhanced Interview Opportunities

Applying directly to companies can sometimes limit your chances, especially if your CV doesn’t perfectly align with the job description. Recruitment agencies, however, can advocate for you based on an understanding of your skills, personality, and potential. They can highlight your unique strengths and experiences beyond basic academic qualifications, increasing your chances of landing interviews with clients who might have otherwise overlooked your application.

Traditional Job Search Methods and their Pitfalls

The Milk Round

While participating in university recruitment fairs (the "milk round") is a common method for finding jobs, it can often be discouraging. The competitive nature and large crowds can make it a soul-destroying experience.

Networking with Friends of Friends

Relying on friends and their connections can sometimes lead to overpromised and unrealistic expectations. The closeness of these relationships can also make professional disappointments awkward and uncomfortable when a Personal Assistant (PA), Executive Assistant (EA) or Receptionist job doesn’t go as planned.

Using LinkedIn

Though LinkedIn is a powerful tool for job searching, it can be highly saturated. Standing out among countless applicants can be challenging. Furthermore, the process of applying for Personal Assistant (PA), Executive Assistant (EA) or Receptionist jobs online and facing automated rejections can feel impersonal and discouraging.

Cold Calling and CV Drops

Handing in your CV directly to companies for a Personal Assistant (PA), Executive Assistant (EA) or Receptionist role can demonstrate initiative and eagerness, however, this approach can often be perceived as intrusive and may not always be well-received. Many companies prefer digital applications and may not have processes in place to handle unsolicited CVs, which could result in your application being overlooked. Fundamentally, it is incredibly time consuming and your energy might be best put to use elsewhere.

Creative Approaches

Standing outside a tube station in a cat suit with a "Recent Graduate Looking for a Job" sign might grab attention, but it's unconventional and might not yield the professional results you’re hoping for!

Choosing the Right Recruitment Agency

Not all recruitment agencies are created equal. It's essential to choose one that aligns with your career aspirations. Here are some factors to consider:


Avoid agencies that focus on industries you’re not interested in. For example, if you’re looking for a Personal Assistant (PA), Executive Assistant (EA) or Receptionist role in advertising, don’t choose a recruitment agency specialising in PA roles in finance and tech.

Reputation and Experience

Look for agencies with a solid reputation and years of experience. Recommendations from friends or online reviews from those who have sought out similar PA/EA roles to you, can be valuable in assessing an agency’s credibility.

Location and Consultants

Consider the recruitment agency's location and the expertise of their consultants. A good recruitment agency will have knowledgeable consultants who understand your industry and can provide valuable insights and connections.

Quality of Job Listings

Examine the recruitment agency’s website and job adverts. High-quality listings and reputable sounding clients are strong indicators of a well-established recruitment agency with good connections. For example, if the recruitment agency frequently posts detailed and professionally presented job adverts for Personal Assistant (PA), Executive Assistant (EA) and Receptionist roles at leading companies or for UHNWIs, it demonstrates that the recruitment agency is well-regarded and works with influential organisations and individuals.

What a Good Recruitment Agency Will Do for You

Support and Feedback

A good recruitment agency will work with you, attentively listening to your feedback and offering constructive suggestions on your CV and interview technique, helping you to increase your chance of success. They will also keep you informed with new opportunities and the status of applications, ensuring you’re always in the loop.

Interview Preparation

Good recruitment agencies will spend time carefully preparing you for interviews, offering insights into the company, the job, who you will be working for and what they are looking for, and they will advise you on how to present yourself effectively.


Whether it’s salary, benefits packages, working hours, or start dates, a good consultant ensures that you get the best possible terms in your job offers. Their expertise in negotiation will lead to more favourable outcomes than you might achieve on your own.

Long-Term Fit

A good recruitment agency’s goal is always to ensure a good fit between you and the employer, where both parties can thrive. This long-term perspective benefits both you and the recruitment agency, as you might become a future client needing their services again.

Respect for Your Choices

A reputable recruitment agency will never push you to accept a role that doesn’t align with your desires and career goals. They understand that finding the right role and fit is crucial for long-term success and satisfaction. Your consultant’s priority is to ensure you are genuinely happy with the opportunities you pursue, maintaining your trust and confidence in the process.

Building a Relationship

A good recruitment agency aims to build a long-term relationship with you. They provide ongoing support and will be delighted to help you again in the future when you’re looking to advance your career.

Recruitment Agency Red Flags: What to Avoid

Don’t Insist on Meeting in Person

Post-COVID, in today’s digital world, virtual meetings have become commonplace. However, in-person meetings are far more meaningful, enabling consultants to really understand your personality and career goals resulting in a strong, accurate relationship. If a consultant seems uninterested in meeting you in person without a valid reason, it may indicate a lazy response to understanding and representing you.

Lack of Effort and Interest

If a consultant skims over your CV, fails to discuss your experiences and achievements in depth, or you receive interview opportunities that are mismatched with your profile because they are not listening to what you want, it shows a lack of interest and commitment to finding the best fit for you.

Feels Like a Job Shop

If an agency treats you as just another candidate in their database, rushing through the process and pushing you towards roles simply to fill vacancies and earn commission, it’s a clear sign they don’t have your best interests at heart.

How to Stand Out to a Recruitment Agency

Short, Sharp Cover Letter

Your cover letter is often the first impression you make, so it needs to be impactful. Keep it concise and directly address the key qualifications and experiences that make you the right fit for the role.

Create a Slick, Bullet-Pointed CV

A well-organised, easy-to-read and visually attractive CV can make a huge difference. Use bullet points to highlight your achievements, skills and experiences. This format looks professional and makes it easy for recruiters to quickly scan and identify key information.

Be Creative in Your Approach

Think outside the box to differentiate yourself. Whether it’s through a creative portfolio, a unique personal website, or a video, showing your personality and originality can make a lasting impression.

How to Stand Out to a Recruitment Agency

Once you have registered with a recruitment agency, it’s crucial to build a strong relationship with your consultant to ensure they understand your career goals and can effectively advocate for you to potential employers.


Be prompt in returning calls and emails. A positive and flexible attitude will help you stand out. Always be honest about your job search status and other interviews you’re attending. If you change your mind about what you are looking for, say so, so the consultant can adjust your job search accordingly.

Stay in Touch

It’s essential to maintain regular contact with your consultant without being overly persistent. Regular updates on changes to your availability and any ongoing interview processes not only demonstrates your commitment but also keeps you at the forefront of their consideration for new opportunities.

Be Reliable

Consistently showing up for scheduled interviews and being punctual not only reflects your dedication but also respects the time and effort invested by both your consultant and the respective employer.
At Knightsbridge Recruitment, our consultants dedicate time to truly understanding our candidates’ experience, skills and aspirations. We provide personalised support and guidance tailored to each candidate’s unique journey and ambitions. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or bring years of experience to the table, Knightsbridge Recruitment is here to support you every step of the way.
Knightsbridge Recruitment is a boutique consultancy which has been placing stand-out candidates in the most sought after permanent, temporary and part-time Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, Private PA and executive office support jobs in London, for over 35 years.  If you would like advice on hiring and retaining exceptional staff, we would love to help - please call us.
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