The Senior Receptionist role: steering the ship!

Senior Receptionists are the chief ambassadors for an organisation – the voice and face that sets the tone and keeps the brand singing to everyone – colleagues, clients, visitors, callers. Presentation and delivery of service is of utmost importance. Senior Receptionists at work are the epitome of a swan, invisibly paddling below water whilst serenely floating along on top for all to see. They need to be able to handle multiple tasks at the same time, without getting flustered.

The Senior Receptionist role is a crucial hire for an organisation and one that businesses certainly do not want to get wrong. For Senior Receptionists themselves it’s an amazing opportunity to further their career, pick up new skills and open doors into a wide range of next, potential promotions. The Senior Receptionist knows everyone in the organisation and is known by everyone too – the Chairperson, the CEO, the Executive Assistants, the Directors and the decision makers. Knightsbridge Recruitment can recall countless stories where a Senior Receptionist has very quickly moved through into a senior role in the company.

Senior Receptionist job responsibilities:

Senior Receptionist skills & qualifications

Presentation is important for Receptionists and Senior Receptionists alike. The look and feel varies from company to company, culture to culture. In general, a reception will always need to look smart be it working for a boutique finance house or an art dealers, micro businesses to international organisations. Therefore we advise, when prior to interviewing for a Reception based role you should do some research on the company, look for images of the Directors and take the lead from them – or even visit them beforehand!
There are no formal qualifications for the reception based career but those coming from other customer-facing jobs in the likes of hospitality, retail or travel may have the edge. A customer service or administrative vocational qualification may help applications too. For others, it might be a recent graduate’s first job and some organisations use the reception career path as a good grounding in the business.

These will include everything that you expect of a classic receptionist role and more:

  • Greeting guests and clients
  • Offering first point of call hospitality
  • Telephone Answering and directing phones
  • Organising catering for internal meetings and events
  • Taking accurate messages
  • Organising travel, taxis, couriers
  • Postroom duties; sifting and shifting internal post
  • Booking meeting rooms, managing calendars and ensuring everything is always presentable
  • Security of the office
  • Oversight over other Receptionists
  • Some office managerial duties

A Senior Receptionist role is generally found in a larger organisations or busier reception areas where demand requires a higher level of service.  Senior Receptionists pick up extra duties, sometimes forming a hybrid role, acting as PA/Team Assistant/Office Manager/HR.  It’s normally a brilliant opportunity and stepping stone between the front desk and back office.  There is typically lots of variety and a growing amount responsibility – it goes way beyond sitting at a front desk and manning a switchboard.  Larger organisations will often have more than one Receptionist and the Senior Receptionist will therefore have line managerial responsibilities too.

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