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Temporary Hires – Why you need a Temp

Hiring a Temp is a fantastic option for businesses looking for experienced, flexible workers. They add incredible value for money, whether you need to fill gaps between long-term hires, or support on one-off projects. There’s also the added advantage of not being overstaffed at quieter times in the year. But one of the most appealing benefits for an employer is not committing to a permanent salary. You can hire a Temp for a week, month, year or just a few days. While there is no obligation for long-term commitment, some Temp jobs do turn into full-time positions. So this could be an opportunity to try out candidates for  a specific role – or a new role that might not have been available before.

No matter how long you hire a Temp for, you can rest assured that they will be highly skilled with the ability to slot in to your business quickly.

How to hire a Temp?

The first place to start when it comes to hiring a Temp is with an agency. That way you can ensure the quality of the candidate. Moreover you can select a Temp based on their previous experience and what you’re looking for in the role. As a Temp agency, we select only the brightest candidates and personally screen them they are bright and quick-thinkers.

We work with a huge variety of industries placing Temps. This includes boutique finance, fashion, design, property, tech, art, executive search, luxury goods, media and many more. And the breadth of the types of businesses spans from big multinational companies to SMEs and start-ups, as well as entrepreneurs, celebrities, HNWIs and private households.

As a Temp agency, our consultants will deal with all of the paper work. We will make sure contracts are signed, pay sheets in on time and any additional legal responsibilities taken care of.

From a practical point of view, Knightsbridge Recruitment can offer an extremely quick turnaround of Temps. We have candidates on our Temp books and offices open at 8am so if you have an urgent request we can have someone with you at extremely short notice.

Who are the candidates?

Some people will make Temping a full time career and enjoy the fast-paced atmosphere of moving between companies. For others it is a stop gap between jobs while studying, freelancing, acting or pursuing other careers such as tutoring. Either way, all of our candidates have strong work experience and a wealth of office skills. Our recruitment consultants will match up a Temp’s previous office experience and skills with the jobs available.

Our Temps are good communicators, flexible, have positive attitudes and are totally reliable. We specifically look for bright, confident and engaging people who will slot straight into a company and hit the ground running. In terms of experience, we hire Temps who have previously worked as a receptionist, PA or equivalent. They will be hard-working, with excellent attention to detail and strong IT capabilities. We also expect them to be immaculately presented and have an enthusiastic personality.

Many of our Temps work exclusively with Knightsbridge Recruitment and we have a reputation for having the best Temps available in London.

How much to pay a Temp?

Temps expect to earn between £10 and £25 an hour.
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