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Team Assistant Job Description

A Team Assistant is often described as the glue that holds the office together. Their overall goal is to support their colleagues with everyday administrative tasks. By taking on some of the work load, it frees others up to concentrate on the business or specific projects. In essence it is a PA job that supports a team, making a Team Assistant a vital cog in the company machine. 

Industries from financial to tech and luxury brands hire Team Assistants. The job can be a fantastic stepping stone to other roles and bring with it exciting career progression. Often companies will hire graduates who are straight out of university or moving from their first to second job. However, some Assistants prefer looking after a group of people to an individual and so choose to stay in the role for longer. These experienced Team Assistants can earn up to £50,000 (with bonuses too).

What the job involves

You might be working for a team of anywhere between 2 and 20 people. The gate-keeper to your team, you’ll answer calls, emails and other general enquiries. There will be an element of diary management, including booking restaurants or travel, plus ordering taxis or arranging couriers. It will often also fall to Team Assistants to organise events. This could be internal social events or client entertaining. You are likely to liaise directly with clients, so a good phone manner and impeccable presentation is key.

The job is vital to helping colleagues work more efficiently. You will put together itineraries and alert team members about impending deadlines. On top of that, you might prepare documents for meetings; printing and binding them, as well as booking meeting rooms.

There can be element of Office Manager in the job – ordering stationery and other supplies, managing monthly expenses for example – as well as Receptionist – depending on the size of the business. Some offices ask the Team Assistant to oversee social media too.

Skills & qualifications required

Ultimately, a Team Assistant must be a team player. It is fast paced and rewarding work so requires someone with a great attitude who is happy to get involved with lots of different areas of the business. Team Assistants will need to be confident. It may be that they’re juggling several demands from different people. So they will need to be able to prioritise and manage their time cleverly.

Employers look for someone who is bright with a strong work ethic. Common sense and strong communication and people skills also essential.  Team Assistants will work autonomously, using their initiative but will take direction and learn from their director or manager and colleagues.

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