SIDE HUSTLES – Embracing the Multi-Hyphenate Revolution

The Power of Temping in the Gen Z World

In the ever-evolving landscape of work and careers, Generation Z is emerging as a force to be reckoned with, reshaping traditional career paths into a tapestry of multi-hyphenate experiences. Social media has seen the increase in Influencers sharing their experiences with ‘side hustles’ and temporary gigs. This has encouraged the contemporary trend of embracing a multi-hyphenate career, with individuals showcasing their diverse talents and sources of income. Gen Z is breaking free from the confines of a single-track career, opting instead for a dynamic approach that involves weaving together various strands. In this new fluid work climate, temping is having its Renaissance moment. Temping is the perfect string to add to your modern career bow; it is a career ‘hyphen’ that not only supports but also enriches other facets of a wonderfully exciting multi-hyphenated life. 
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The Multi-Hyphenate Lifestyle


Gen Z is characterized by its penchant for exploring diverse interests and talents. Gone are the days of a singular career defining an individual; instead, this generation is weaving together a mosaic of roles that reflect their passions and skills. A musician by night might be a team assistant or a receptionist by day, and a writer during the weekends. This multifaceted approach to work allows for the creation of a unique and personalised career narrative. Why limit yourself: Have your cake and eat it too!

At Knightsbridge Recruitment, we place candidates in a diverse range of Personal Assistant, Private PA, Receptionist and office support roles, each with their own unique set of flexibilities and benefits that cater for an individual’s experience, needs and preferences. Whether it’s part-time or full-time work that you are looking for, embarking on your job search through Knightsbridge Recruitment could kickstart and support your very own multi-hyphenate lifestyle.

A multi-hyphenate career takes on different forms for each individual and is shaped by varying aspirations, circumstances and personal goals. 

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The Fashion Fusion Temp

Priding herself on her innovative clothing designs inspired by the likes of Stella McCartney and Gianni Versace, Lucy spends half of her week meticulously crafting her collection of pieces, building on her History of Art degree at Edinburgh University. However, for the latter half of the week, she channels her creative prowess into her part-time, Marketing Assistant and PA role for a world-famous contemporary London art gallery. Whilst marketing is not her ultimate passion and career goal, she values the importance of acquiring essential campaign coordination, content creation, and data analysis skills, whilst building up her experience and exposure to the professional world. The skillset she has acquired through her Marketing Assistant and PA role enhances her ability to market her own fashion designs and positions her closer to her goal of becoming the next Vivienne Westwood!

The Musical Mathematician Temp

Despite his burning passion for a career in music, Sam works a full-time temp job as a PA and Finance Assistant during the week. He primarily pursues his music career at the weekends, where he plays gigs and attends open-mics. By coordinating two career strands, Sam is able to maintain his natural aptitude for mathematics, having studied the subject at Durham University, whilst still following his dream of being a musician. Furthermore, the nature of his temporary contract allows him a level of flexibility for attending auditions when required to pursue his career in music.

The Receptionist Writer Temp

As a budding screenwriter, Charlotte alternates her weeks between crafting compelling screenplays and working front-of-house receptionist temp jobs for a variety of companies – everything from hedge funds, luxury goods to tech.  Not only does this allow her to dedicate a sufficient amount of time to her artistic endeavours, but it also means she gains the organisational skills and professional discipline afforded by administration roles. Through multiple career strands, she can gain professional office experience, even gather potentially interesting material for her projects, whilst pursuing her passion and sensibly prioritising financial stability until her work is commissioned by a production company. 
These dual career paths highlight how temping can support your career choices. However, in order to get any one of your ambitious career strands off the ground, you will need to prioritise:  time, flexibility, tenacity, a supportive community of people around you … and income. 
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Temping Fate

Temping brings you one step closer to achieving a perfect balance between professional commitments and the pursuit of your ambitions

Enter temping—a career strand that seamlessly integrates with the multi-hyphenate lifestyle. A temporary worker provides short-term cover for a company or individual. Temps are paid an hourly rate that is dependant on the role and experience of the candidate. Not only can temporary work provide you with both financial stability and the flexibility needed to pursue other interests, but it also provides you with an abundance of skills and benefits. Whether you’re an aspiring creative, or taking a break from a career to reconsider your future…Whether you’re a new mother who wants to keep one tentative foot in your career door or simply saving up to travel the world, temping can be the ideal companion strand that supports and enhances your journey.
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Benefits of Temping

  • Networking 

Temping introduces you to vast networks of people. Think about it: you’re going into new work environments every week - every day even – and whilst you’re there you will be meeting influential and successful people across different industries, who can offer valuable insight, expertise and inspiration for your professional growth. Temping opens doors that would normally be closed and often creates surprising opportunities! 

  • Experience 

Temping can allow you to prioritise gaining a breadth of experience across a multitude of industries before committing to a permanent role. It can be especially valuable for recent graduates who are not yet entirely sure which career path they would like to embark on. 

  • Life Skills 

Spending the day as a Receptionist for a designer fashion brand, followed by a week working as a Personal Assistant in a hedge fund, and then going back to the fashion role again is certainly not for everyone. However, due to this vast and varied range of opportunities, temp candidates learn to adapt and be extremely flexible, developing exceptional problem-solving skills.  They can swiftly understand, navigate and excel in unfamiliar contexts – picking up invaluable life skills along the way.

  • Temp to Perm 

Temping can help you to get your foot in the door in a particular company or sector that peaks your interest and may previously have seemed impossible to infiltrate. Many companies hire temp candidates with a view for them to become permanent employees. In these cases, temporary work can be seen as an extended job interview, where hard-work, initiative and approachability can be showcased over a longer period of time resulting in an exciting job offer.


Creative Careers and Temping

For those immersed in creative pursuits, temping provides the financial stability needed to sustain the unpredictable nature of artistic endeavours. Imagine being able to dedicate sufficient time to your screenplay in between your temporary office assignments. This combination not only supports your artistic dreams but also keeps the practical aspects of life in balance.

Academic Pursuits and Temping

Gen Z's commitment to continuous learning is evident in the pursuit of academic endeavours. The opportunity to temp either part or full-time can offer a flexible solution for those juggling coursework, allowing for financial independence without compromising educational goals. Whether you're a student pursuing higher studies or an academic exploring research opportunities, temping can be the anchor that steadies your academic journey.

New Parents or Carers and Temping

Thankfully, gone are the days when motherhood and care responsibilities were not considered to be invaluable work. In the multi-hyphenate world it is important not to neglect hyphens which have previously been subjugated such as motherhood and caring. Temping can be a brilliant extra hyphen that can cater to the needs of recent mothers or carers who wish to maintain a connection with the professional world without fully re-entering the workforce. It provides a bridge between the demands of parenthood/care and the desire for personal fulfilment, offering a flexible schedule that adapts to the evolving needs of a family and personal commitments. 

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The tapestry of multi-hyphenate careers continues to expand, inviting everyone to explore the vast possibilities that lie beyond the boundaries of a single job title. In this evolving landscape, the ability to wear multiple hats isn't just an option; it's a celebration of the multifaceted nature of human potential. So, join the ranks of the multi-hyphenate generation, and let temping be the thread that ties your unique career narrative together. 
Knightsbridge Recruitment offers a great variety of part-time and temporary opportunities, from one day bookings to roles spanning 9 months+.  We supply temps for Receptionist, Team Assistant, PA, Private PA and EA temporary roles in prestigious companies and for high profile individuals.  We are always actively seeking intelligent, impressive, reliable and hard-working temps so if you align with these qualities, please get in touch as we would love to hear from you.
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