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Office Assistant – keeping the office ticking

The Front of House role shares many close similarities with that of a Receptionist.  Much like a corporate Receptionist, the Front of House position is of the utmost importance for every organisation that utilises a Front of House team. Read more here…...

New PA/EA Jobs – 28th November 2022

Are you looking for a Personal Assistant or Executive Assistant job in London? Whether you are an experienced PA/EA, looking to move industries or searching for a graduate Personal Assistant role, get in touch with our recruitment consultants to begin your job search....

New PA/EA Jobs – 23rd November 2022

Are you looking for a Personal Assistant or Executive Assistant job in London? Whether you are an experienced PA/EA, looking to move industries or searching for a graduate Personal Assistant role, get in touch with our recruitment consultants to begin your job search....

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Graduate Assistant to an UHNWI

£50,000-£100,000 DOE
West End
Are you looking for a rare opportunity to work for the best, somewhere that will set your career apart from the rest? This hugely successful and reputable fast-paced boutique family office set within ...

6* EA to an Inspiring Philanthropic UHNWI

£65,000 - £85,000 DOE
I am looking for an intelligent, cultured, dedicated and switched-on EA who is able to work at pace to support this fascinating individual, with their multi-facetted professional life, within the 'art...

WOW Private PA Job to UHNW Billionaire Family

£45,000 - £60,000 doe + bonus
That WOW Private PA job! My client are an UHNW billionaire family, a down to earth couple with 3 well-mannered children, seeking a superstar Private PA. Working from their gorgeous private home (wit...

Head of Operations - Outstanding Luxury Creative Co. - Opportunity to Travel the World

£45,000 - £55,000 depending on experience
My client is a very sleek and creative Luxury Travel company catering for UHNW and high profile clients around the world. They are seeking a superstar Head of Operations / Operations Manager to overse...

Ambitious Graduate – Outstanding Role, Huge Potential & Mouth-Watering Benefits

£35,000 - £50,000 DOE
A genuine chance of a lifetime and a great starting point for an exceptional graduate – this opportunity offers huge scope for career progression, with insane benefits. Our client is an investment fir...

Part-time Office Jobs: What you need to know

In the past 10 years, the number of people who work part-time has grown substantially. By November 2021 there were over 8 million part-time workers in the UK, around 71,000 more than there were in the same period in 2020. As we all know, the pandemic brought with it a movement towards flexible working. But even before then, we were seeing the way people change the way they fit work around other commitments.  

Where it was once almost frowned upon to work part-time; whispered shamefully around the office ‘they only work part-time’, it is now being trialled as a working model in some of the UK’s top companies. While it is not necessarily the right fit for every role or company, there are some jobs that suit part-time work better than others.

What companies should consider about part-time work:

There are some key benefits to hiring part-time candidates. Firstly there’s the cost. Appointing someone to do a part-time job will naturally cost you less than full-time. So where you don’t yet need a full-time worker, part-time can ease you into the new hire.

It also gives you the opportunity to employ people with very specific expertise in order to meet targets and fill skill gaps. Research shows that employees can be more productive when they work part-time. They tend to work harder to make up for the days that they’re not there and fit more into the days they are. Not only that, but it can be a way to ensure you hire experienced staff who are committed and show loyalty to a company.

Having a diverse workforce creates a wealth of perspectives, which will only benefit the growth of your company. Staff who are invigorated by their balanced life and having interests or variety outside of work will bring energy and motivation that will thread through the rest of your team – like a breath of fresh air.  In the case of parents returning to work, offering a family-friendly work environment will increase staff retention.

When companies are thinking about advertising a part-time job, it is important to consider about the impact it will have on the rest of the team. This includes the flow of the work and workload management. Employers need to consider whether they need urgent responses to certain tasks and whether other team members can bridge the gap when a part-time worker isn’t in the office. There needs to be boundaries and agreed expectations between the employer and the employee.

What candidates should consider about part-time work:

A part-time job might specifically appeal to writers, actors, parents returning to work or people who run their own business. It suits people who are efficient and have strong organisation and time management skills.

There is a huge variety of part-time jobs available and you will be an appealing candidate for many companies. Working part-time gives you the opportunity to gain experience with a reliable, guaranteed salary, while still having time for outside interests and responsibilities.

For people with families, it can be the perfect balance. For others it might be more about obtaining a work life balance that comes with less stress. But it is also worth bearing in mind that part-time work doesn’t come without its own challenges.

When it comes to career progression you may need to fight harder. You will need to actively seek out career development opportunities and make sure you are ‘seen’ by the senior members of staff. This might mean being in the office more rather than working remotely.

But don’t be afraid to make it known that you’re interested in progression and promotions. Part-time jobs do open doors to other, exciting opportunities.

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