Hiring an Online Virtual Assistant

Finding an Online Virtual Assistant, what you need to know

The demand for Online Virtual Assistants has dramatically increased recently. This is partly down to clients choosing to run their businesses remotely or downsizing their office space. But the shift towards hiring Online Virtual Assistants is not just due to the Pandemic. It is also because of the rise in the number start-ups and entrepreneurs who may use more than one office location, travel a lot or have a skeleton staff. While there is a general move towards more flexibility when it comes to hiring Assistants, it’s important to note this does not lessen the need for exceptional administration staff in the office.

Why hire an Online Virtual Assistant?

There are many great reasons to hire an Online Virtual Assistant. Firstly, recruiting an Online Virtual Assistant gives you access to the high-quality calibre of our candidates we have, wherever you are in the world. Secondly they can handle daily tasks efficiently, freeing up time for you to focus on more essential, strategic jobs. Online Virtual Assistants will work to meet your requirements, whether that involves running errands, pulling reports or supporting you more generally. The flexibility of an Online Virtual Assistant means that you don’t have to hire them full time. This can be particularly appealing if you’re just starting up your business and don’t want to commit to a full-time employee.

Our consultants’ expertise and knowledge of the jobs market means that we have a wealth of the most qualified and competent Personal Assistants ready to work for you, even at very short notice. You may need a Private Virtual PA for your household or family office, general administrative and secretarial help, or a receptionist or administrative assistant while you are in meetings or travelling. We can also find you experienced Senior Executive Assistants, who can remotely manage more complex diary and travel scheduling and offer expert online support as you need it with reliability and efficiency. Moreover, all the candidates demonstrate exceptional skills because we personally interview and select them.

Temporary Assistants

Hiring a temporary Online Virtual Assistant gives that added element of flexibility. Knightsbridge Recruitment’s Temp service offers clients a temporary Online Virtual Assistant for however long you need – it could be 4 hours, the odd day, one week or 9+ months. Above all, it’s simplicity itself. You hire who you want, when you want without the commitment to a salaried Assistant. Our Temps really stand out from the crowd; they are experienced,  intelligent and reliable. Plus, they have a refreshingly flexible and ‘can-do’ attitude.  Most importantly, they add immediate value and make a difference.

Knightsbridge Recruitment’s candidates will have been interviewed by us face-to-face. They will be reference checked ahead of their employment. You can relax in the knowledge that all the necessary contracts will have been organised. The the candidate is ready to start with you straight away. If you require an NDA to be signed or other official checks to take place we will make sure these are done promptly.

What do Online Virtual Assistants do?

An Online Virtual Assistant will do the following tasks:

  • Scheduling appointments and diary management
  • Managing switch boards, monitoring emails, taking messages, forwarding calls
  • Booking and organising complex travel arrangements and itineraries
  • Research, project work
  • PowerPoint presentations, marketing, business development
  • Financial tasks, expenses, bills, invoicing
  • Office admin, annual leave, liaising with suppliers, negotiating rates
  • Event organisation
  • Personal errands
If you would like to discuss hiring a temporary or permanent Online Virtual Assistant, please contact Knightsbridge Recruitment. We can help with job specifications, video interviews, remote onboarding and give you expert advice on salaries, packages, benefits and any other queries you might have about hiring a Virtual Assistant.

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