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Private Personal Assistant



Knightsbridge Recruitment is known for providing high quality Private PAs.

Entrepreneurs and private individuals often require a Private PA to run their business and personal lives. It may be a full time or part-time role depending on the individual’s needs and sometimes a PA might work for two or three individuals at any one time. Private PAs usually work from their employer’s although sometimes it is possible for them to work from their own home as well.

These jobs vary enormously and might include: running homes both in the UK and overseas; dealing with domestic staff; dealing with accounts and paying invoices; organising parties and events; organising travel including private planes and yachts; liaison with children and partners; attending meetings; diaries; charity work; driving.

You will need to be flexible, self sufficient and discreet. You might be required to be on call 24/7. Sometimes you will be required to travel at short notice. You will normally need to be numerate, IT literate, very organised, well informed with lots of initiative and excellent communication skills.


Private Personal Assistant Opportunities

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