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Knightsbridge Recruitment specialises in recruiting Business Assistants, Executive Assistants, Travelling and Private PAs of exceptional calibre, in London, the UK and world-wide. FTSE Board Members, Founders of Hedge Funds, Entrepreneurs, VIPs and HNWIs, all recognise the significant impact an Assistant of premier quality can make to the smooth running of their business and private lives.

Often earning in excess of £75,000, these candidates have reached the pinnacle of their profession. A new generation of EAs, degree educated and often multilingual, have proactively chosen to forge their careers in support and have taken the position to new heights. Acting as ambassadors, they actively gate-keep and are often involved in decision making. Their skill sets are diverse, they can turn their hand to anything and are an invaluable asset.

Knightsbridge Recruitment has long-standing relationships with such candidates, having been instrumental in their success. As such, their loyalty to us is unparalleled and many are registered exclusively. We only represent the elite, and regardless of the specifics of a role, we will be able to introduce the perfect individual. Our discretion is guaranteed.


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Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Conventional wisdom holds that as long as workers are paid enough, they’ll be productive. However, this may not be quite as simple as it sounds. New research suggests that happy employees are as much as 12% more productive, compared with unhappy employees who are 10% less productive.[1]

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